PowerShellTO Meeting 1 – Dave Wyatt Talks Testing PowerShell Code With Pester

Many thanks to all that attended our first ever PowerShell Toronto User’s Group meeting!

PowerShellTO co-founder Derek Luk introduces Toronto’s first PowerShell users’ group.


This last Tuesday, PowerShell MVP Dave Wyatt came in to talk to us about testing your PowerShell code with Pester.   Mr. Wyatt answered questions and gave demonstrations on the fly to  show off the benefits of using Pester to test our scripts, as well as when it is best to do so.  He also discussed and demonstrated securing data using his encryption module, ProtectedData, which is available on GitHub.

We’re also looking for bloggers!  Have a script that you’re proud of?  Want to tell the world?  Drop us a line!  We’d love to work with you!

As well, we got a lot of great feedback on the PowerShell interests of those attending, which helps us plan better for future group meetings.  We’re looking at larger venues to hold the user groups at, so hopefully we’ll see more of you with us soon!


Dave Wyatt’s Blog

Getting Started With Pester

Getting Pester

Refactoring PowerShell (with help from Pester)

PowerShell PKI Module

ProtectedData Module on GitHub

CLR Security on GitHub

Off topic discussion: ISE Steroids!  Make your ISE interface so much beefier!

Did you know that there are hundreds of opportunities to help your fellow professionals out with their scripting needs?  Check out the TechNet Script Center Requests to know more!

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